Jan 15 Announcements

Sophie Mendez (4 years old) had a tumor on her
brain that was surgically removed this past week.. There
is a possibility of more surgery and treatments depending
on the results of the tests. Remember her and her
family during this difficult time.
Linda Bates has an appointment with a specialist on
January 31. Pray for answers and a plan forward.
Shirley Fisackerly will have knee surgery on February
John Riddle (Mandy Tolbert’s father) is at home
Bob Kaizer has the flu and is in The Woods nursing
Shirley Kaizer fell, and also had a pacemaker put in
and is at home recovering.
Jay Conley had a stroke, but it was caught and treated
Rick Fagan (Karli Walker’s Uncle) is in the hospital
after having a stroke.
Sue Woodard (Judy Beard’s sister) is receiving
blood. Pray that these transfusions are effective.
Ben Nichols is receiving treatment for bone cancer.
They are not having the same effect as they did in the
Keden Shrum (preacher at Rison CofC) is undergoing tests and treatments for a heart condition.
Revel Jackson (Lynn Burton’s Nephew) is home doing
much better. He is grateful for the prayers that were offered
on his behalf.
Sherry Brown received some concerning news in regards
to her heart.
Pauline McCloud had a valve repaired and may need a
Neil Wilson was involved in an accident involving his
brain. There is a long road ahead, but he is showing some
positive signs of recovery.
Benita Forrest has improved and is thankful for the
prayers. Continue to keep her and those she cares for in
your prayers.
Kathryn Burton (sister of Gary Crook) is in the Bellvue
Nursing Home.
Winnie Roberts is in need of prayers.
Donny & Janice Wright and family are dealing with
health issues. Donny had gall bladder surgery this past
NOTE: if your child, grandchild, niece/nephew, etc.
has any event (ballgame, play, concert, etc.) please
email the details to:
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