April 21 Announcements

 Barbara Durham is in Drew Memorial Room 1406.
 Brad Tolbert - An MRI has revealed original tumor has grown
and three more tumors were found.
 Ray Leonard had stints put in his leg.
 Judy Purvis (Fern Baker’s mother) is at home. She sees an
oncologist on 4/23 and a cardiologist on 5/7.
 Jamie Edwards (Fern Baker’s brother-in-law) is having a hard
time with the chemo this week. Scans will determine if this
was his last treatment.
 Becky Colvin is staying at Jamie’s under home health care
while waiting for infection to clear.
 Jerry Tolbert (Brad’s Dad) has been diagnosed with prostate
 A. J. Meier, (Jason’s grandfather, Monty’s father) is under
hospice care.
 Continue to remember Donnie & Janice Wright
 Continue to remember Rita Stiles.
 Ernie Bradshaw (member at Dumas) is in Baptist Hospital
with blood clots in his lungs.

 Elizabeth Phillips has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Bone Can-

 Ike Rochell is not improving after his treatments for liver
 Andy Boykin will have procedures that require him to be in
the hospital five days every month for a year.
 Allie Cooper’s cancer has returned.
 Acacia May (Becky Rice’s niece) has an appointment with
Mayo Clinic.
 Fran Calvert is recovering from surgery.
 Revel Jackson, nephew of Lynn Burton, passed away.